More space on the worktops

Extra depth makes the kitchen even more practical.

The worktop is the part of the kitchen that is most exposed during day-to-day use, and therefore it must be tough, sturdy and practical, as well as attractive. But that's not all: an amply-dimensioned worktop is important when carrying out normal daily activities in the kitchen, and if its depth is increased from 60,5 cm to 63,8 cm, the work area becomes much more spacious and the surfaces are easier to clean (fig.1).

This increase in depth makes every operation in the kitchen much more simple (fig.2), and meets the changing demands of a market that is increasingly attentive to the need for ergonomic design.

And there is an additional factor that should be taken into consideration: the latest-generation of household appliances are larger than before, and base units with standard depth, while able to accommodate the appliances themselves, do not always facilitate installation and meet the safety requisites specified by the manufacturers. Now, the refrigerator and the oven have more space for ventilation, which means that they function more efficiently and save on energy consumption. Also the installation of the appliances is more simple and their operation is safer.

The increased depth allows for more space behind the appliances for tubes and hoses without the need for alterations to the cabinets or walls (fig.3).